My bridal label ELLI-NICOLE was established in 2013 and I noticed I was always being asked the same question by brides “Where can I find beautiful shoes for my wedding day?” After a two year process of research and careful curation we at ELLI-NICOLE SHOES have come up with an innovative solution, not only for a wedding day but many special days after. Not only for a bride but for women who love fashion and design.

South Africa’s first customisable shoe website where you as the customer collaborate with us to create your dream shoe delivered straight to your door and beyond. We believe that your feet should be well treated, they do carry you around all day after all. Our shoes are full leather and have specialised cushioning for ultimate comfort, so your shoes don’t only look exquisite they feel amazing too. This is our promise and commitment to quality. Read our FAQ's for more information. 

We love the fact that you as the consumer get to design with us by choosing your style, colour and embellishments to create a unique pair of shoes that is exactly what you want.



“The Sole” is the head designer and owner of Elli-Nicole Shoes. “What I love most about what I do is the creative process. “I love developing our new accessories, leather colour palettes and shoe styles for our customers. There is nothing more amazing than seeing my design transition from paper to product.”



“The Heel” is the whiz behind marketing and sales. She may be in the background but she is the backbone of this awesome business! “We cannot believe how excited women are about our product, crafting the strategy for this innovative business is very rewarding.”


As mother and daughter we have always been very close, embarking on running a business together has been such a rewarding experience that few have the opportunity to explore. 

"My mom is an inspiration to me. Watching her succeed for many years in the corporate world with her amazing work ethic and insightful wisdoms has made me to want to build a business of value and to make a difference, while doing what I love."

"I value Elli's creativity and innate sense of what works from a design and strategic perspective. I love her passion and drive and feel we are strong foils for one another, building this business together is an exciting journey."